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Who is The right person for Lasik operation?

Is it possible to have a safe eye correction surgery?

We in the Medical Reference Clinic do all the advanced medical tests to see whether you can perform the operation safely and without any side effects. In fact, 90% of people aged 18 to 50 years of age could perform the operation safely, thanks to recent breakthroughs in laser technology and diagnostics.

Now we can treat a wide range of patients, including astigmatism. We now use the best existing medical lasers devices ( iLasik ), which is the only device approved by the US Food and Drug Association (FDA).

There are some circumstances that prevent you to be a candidate for the process, so our surgeons always make sure that during your visit to our Clinic to examine your eyes before the surgery, and ensure that you are eligible for it. Please note that pregnant and lactating women are not qualified to perform the operation.

If you are pregnant, we ask that you notify your doctor. The only way to know whether the operation is effective for you is by a full examination of the eye, where the consultants we have examines each eye thoroughly. Our consultants are members of the Canadian, American, and the European boards.

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